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How Any Chiropractor Can Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity For Their Practice

By Paul Hartunian

Chiropractors are in one of those catch 22 positions. You've made it through school and have the ability to help many in need, but telling them about your services can cost you a small fortune in advertising, mailing, etc.

Then there's the controversy about chiropractic that still looms in the background. You know how much good you could do if clients came in for regular treatments when they weren't hurting. But most of your practice has been relegated to playing catch up during times of crisis.

It doesn't have to be that way.

If you hired a professional press agent or publicity firm, you could plan on getting more than your share of free exposure for your practice on talk shows, the news and in newspaper articles. They make it their job to figure out ways to make yours a story worth hearing in the mainstream press. Of course, you'd also be stuck having to pay for the press agent.

There's a better, cheaper and more powerful approach you can take - the approach that thousands of my members have opted for. It involves doing your own press releases and getting thousands (or even millions) of dollars in free publicity. It's a process you can easily do yourself. Or you can delegate it to a sharp receptionist, assistant or spouse.

It's easy enough to learn, and it works. You can make yours a story the news will be interested in covering. Plus it cuts your overhead down tremendously.

Does it work? I know it does.

Using the exact same system I'm going to explain here, chiropractors just like you have hit it big using free publicity.

Creating free publicity for a Chiropractic office really isn't hard. All the controversial issues you're currently facing will actually work in your favor.

For example, the fact that many people consider Chiropractic an alternative medicine gives you the chance to prove them wrong. Imagine trying to create publicity for Mother Teresa. What would you say? She helped X number of sick people today? She's spent the year helping an orphanage in South Africa? None of that's news. Most would have considered that part of being Mother Teresa. We expected it of her.

Chiropractic, on the other hand, creates a negative expectation in the minds of many. They immediately visualize neck cracking and questionable results. But when you show the successes of Chiropractic, that becomes news.

That's the first step to making my publicity system work. How else can you make your practice newsworthy? What can you offer that people would want to talk about around the cooler? What is it about your practice that sets it apart from all the others? What kind of shocking, amusing, educational or entertaining angles can you offer the news media about your practice or the practice of Chiropractic?

If you can't immediately think of an interesting angle, you should consider creating some.

How about offering free Chiropractic services to kids at a local orphanage or home for battered children? Not only would that create a news story, it would also promote the value of offering Chiropractic to well children. It would give you the chance to promote the benefits a person might receive throughout the rest of their lives if they started treatment early. You could keep track of the grades, behavior and other outside effects that might be created in a child that starts each day feeling healthier. The results of a study like this one could easy be parlayed into appearances on national talk shows and newspaper articles around the country. And that's the kind of publicity you're hoping for.

No, you aren't planning to get people flying in from around the country for your services, but there's no publicity quite as good as the publicity you get in distant parts of the country. It makes you a celebrity. Getting a full-page article in the local paper in Stapleton, Nebraska isn't really that big a deal.

But having an article lauding your praises in the New York Times hanging in your waiting room will most certainly make you a celebrity. Being able to quote statements from talk show hosts on KABC in Los Angeles will definitely make you sound important. And people living in these far off towns that have friends or relatives in Stapleton are sure to sit up when they hear your name. They're sure to write it down and immediately call whoever they know to find out if they've heard about "that famous Doctor in your town". Locals visiting Miami when you're interview comes on a Miami radio stations will return home with an added respect for you and the service you offer. It's the ultimate form of publicity.

And it all begins with your angle. Something you can imagine being a featured story in USA Today. Maybe you offer free Chiropractic services to newlyweds returning from their honeymoon. There isn't a talk show host in the country that could resist that one. Or maybe you're setting up a comprehensive study of the effects Chiropractic have on daily lives (job security and advancement, problems in marriage, effectiveness in play and sports - all the hidden benefits of feeling fit). Making unique connections is a sure fire way to attract media attention. John T. Molloy parlayed the connections he found in the way people dressed and their success into sales of millions of his books and seminars that taught us to "Dress For Success". The trick is to find something people want to hear about. Once you get the reputation of being the person who can tell them, people will assume you know what you're doing.

You should also keep a good pulse on the news. When Canadian researchers recently reported a large number of deaths by stroke they attributed to Chiropractic, a well placed press release by you explaining the long history the Canadian government has had of trying to stop the progress of Chiropractic and the subjective nature of the studies would have been a guarantee shoe in the door on most talk shows around the country.

How do you start your publicity campaign? With a press release. There's an art to doing those correctly. I discuss a lot of the details on my site at

You have to find your angle, put it into a powerful press release, then get it out to as many media outlets as you can. When they start calling back. You start doing interviews. People start hearing about you, other talk shows hear how well the last interview went and call you for their shows. Then you're on your way to fame.

It'll probably attract far more business than you can possibly handle. But that's okay. If the demand for your services is higher, you can afford to charge more and offer more quality service to those willing to pay for it. You can now do the kind of Chiropractic medicine you dreamed about when you were in school. But only if you're always having to turn people back. It frees you to be selective and thorough.

If you plan on assigning this project to someone else, or if you'd like the whole story, you might consider looking into purchasing my do-it-yourself publicity kit. It has everything you or your assistant will ever need to do powerful exciting, profitable publicity campaigns. You can find information about it at

The media is dying for the information you know. In exchange for you giving them that information, they'll help you drive an endless stream of new patients into your office.

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